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Docker in Unprivileged LXC on a Debian 11 Host

virt-what inside the nested container

On Linux, LXC and Docker are two different takes on containerization. I won't dwell on the terminology too much here as many other sites explain how they work in detail. Essentially, LXC focuses on OS-level containerization (like a virtual mac...

Why Linux is my daily driver

I've been using Linux as my daily driver since 2017, and one particular question comes up a lot in my discussions with friends: why not Windows? So to answer this question and all its other "why not $OS" variants, I've written this post to describe some of my thought...

Some months ago, my friend @shypre bought a GPIO powered LED matrix board and some LED strips, very much like the ones from AdaFruit. We decided to do some work on it together.

Stage 0: Setup

The setup portion was fairly straightforward - we connected the LED matrix to a 5 volt power supply,...

Running Mainline Debian (Buster) on a Raspberry Pi 3

DISCLAIMER: this is an old post from 2018 that I've republished for historical reference, as I saw a few sites link back to it. There is now a coordinated effort to support running Debian on Raspberry Pi, complete with pre-built images: see https://raspi.debian.net/ for details!

In summer 2018, I ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. This model, new at the time, released in March 2018 and came with a higher clock speed, as well as upgraded Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth capabilities over its immediate predecessor.

I decided I wanted to install Debian on my Pi and use it as a potential ARM build box. Although doing so is not as well supported as an official Raspbian release, this custom build gave me the ability to track the rolling release Debian testing (useful for development) and run a 64-bit system.