Projects I've worked on


I've been an active packager in Debian since 2015, and a verified uploader (DM) since 2018. Most of my work there is with themes and apps for the Linux desktop.

I also maintain an extras repository shipping more niche apps and my personal settings: The Utopia Repository

Apps for Linux

I develop a handful of apps related to the Linux desktop, including:

  • Variety, a featureful wallpaper download & manager for Linux desktops
  • icoextract, an icon extractor library and thumbnailer for Windows executables
  • FileInsight, a file type analyzer using file and TrID as backends.


I'm fairly active in the IRC development sphere, contributing to projects like the popular Limnoria IRC bot. I also created PyLink, a multi-network services platform supporting server-side relaying between networks - this is to date one of the largest projects I've built.

Older stuff

  • Shapes (2017-2018): a puzzle platformer game in Unity3D + C#
  • TrulyAmazed (2016-2017): a maze game built using PyQt5.