This page describes the Routing Policy for AS4242421080.

Route Selection

  1. Prefer routes from direct peers (local_pref = 500)
  2. Prefer routes with shortest AS path
  3. When AS paths length ties, prefer the route with the lowest latency to neighbour. Note:
    • In North America, peers with latency < 25ms are considered equal
    • In Europe, peers with latency < 15ms are considered equal
    • This adds to network diversity, as not all nodes are geographically close to a lot of peers.
  4. When latency is tied, prefer the first received route (RFC 5004)

BGP Communities

dn42 BGP Communities are supported, as described at

Note: all my nodes are marked as >=100Mbps in terms of bandwidth, as capacity varies and I cannot guarantee anything higher. (Plus, not all my providers post a specific number anyways...)

ROA (Route Origin Authorization)

Strict ROA checking is enabled - routes must be ROA_VALID in order to be accepted.